Each season brings its own special character to the fens. In winter, the flooded washlands bring large flocks of wildfowl.

In spring and summer, skylark sing from the wide skies and warblers chatter amoung the dense reeds and bushes, while in autumn the 'hum' of harvest creates extensive landscapes of stubble fields with passing migrant thrushes and wading birds.

Whatever the season you can explore the fens with our Gateway to the Lincolnshire Fens tour guide leaflet.

Visit the last of Lincolnshire's wet fenlands and take a car tour of Thurlby, Baston and Deeping Fens (20 or 32 miles 4-6 hours) - 4 nature reserves and a guide to visiting, food and accomodation.

Look for the leaflet at:

  • Waterside Garden Centre - on the A15 at Baston
  • Vine House Farm Shop - on the A16 at Deeping St Nicholas
  • The Public Library - in Bourne
  • The YHA - in Thurlby
  • Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust - Banovallum House, Horncastle

Or order by post from:

Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust
Banovallum House
Manor House Street
Lincolnshire LN9 5HF

Telephone: 01507 526667