Greater Water-parsnip

This nationally endangered aquatic plant was found throughout Lincolnshire's fenland regions in the 1930s, but when surveyed in 2000, was found to survive in only five remaining localities within the county: Baston and Thurlby Fen is Lincolnshire's most important stronghold.

Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP)

In 2004 greater water-parsnip were re-introduced to five new sites in the lower river Witham and Welland using seed taken under licence from the remaining county reserves. The long-term objectives of this work are to establish 25 self-sustaining populations within the county of Lincolnshire by 2010 and remove this species from the county's endangered list.

This Biodiversity Action Plan is supported by the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, Natural England, Anglian Water Partnerships, Wild Planet Ltd and the Environment Agency.